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Water Filtration & Pumping Station Design Rockhampton


Proper function of water pumping stations and filtration systems is highly important for the wastewater infrastructures put in place in our communities. Pumps may also be used in smaller systems in industrial settings or for residential use. No matter what your water filtration or pumping needs are, Pumps R Us is here to help. We have decades of experience when it comes to filtering, pumping, and sanitising water systems to keep your pipes running clear.
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What is a water pumping station?


A water pumping station is a system of pumps used to move sewage into wastewater facilities or to and from canals and other reservoirs. We provide customised services through the design and creation of a wide range of pumping stations for your industry, city, or even large scale residential projects. We also work extensively in the agricultural markets to help pump water for irrigation and livestock watering. We not only provide this intricate design work, but also top of the line water filtration systems from leading brands like Watermart, Pentair Water, GE Water and Millipore. We also partner with names like Lowara, Flygt, Southern Cross, Regent and Franklin.

We Can Help You

If you want to discuss what products and services we might have to offer for your business or home, then feel free to give us a quick call or send us a message. One of our water pump station and filtration experts will get in touch to go over your options, your infrastructure, and how our services might be of assistance. We’re happy to help with jobs large and small, and we’ll provide superior service and attention to detail no matter what your job.
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