Water Pumps for Industrial and Residential in Rockhampton


Water pump station — Pumping Station in Rockhampton, ALD
The uses for water pumps are plenty – whether you’re a homeowner, the buyer for an industrial firm or in charge of managing the pumping station of a city municipal area. We take each and every order seriously, and will work to the best of our ability to ensure you get the exact product you need for virtually any setting or usage.

Pumps R Us are a leading supplier in solar pumps. Solar powered water pumping systems are similar to any other pumping system, only the power source is solar energy. The installation of solar energy is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available to help power your home, business or community building.

We use Franklin Electric for our solar pumps. Click here for more information.
You have your choice in pumps. Just look online and there are hundreds of options listed. It can get overwhelming. That’s why you’ll find that working with Pumps R us is a great way to ensure you choose the right option every time. We not only provide water pumps offered by top names in the industry, but also offer the benefits of working with skilled professionals who understand how the products work and when each type of pump should be used. We’ll walk through your job requirement step by step, assess the situation, and help you determine the size and type of pump you need for the job. Not only that, but we can help you with installation to ensure everything is put in place.

Why choose us for water pumps?


Our staff isn’t just knowledgeable about the products we sell, but also experts in the water filtration, sanitation and irrigation industries. That means you can rest assured that any product we recommend is going to be something that will get the job done right, in the most cost-effective manner, and with the easiest installation and maintenance requirements. You’re not just getting top products, but the benefits of working with true experts. We live and breathe this industry, so you can feel confident in the products we recommend.

We offer water pumps by top of the line manufacturers such as Lowara, Flygt, Southern Cross, Regent, Franklin and others. We can also design pumps and service them to ensure they run smoothly.